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Library Board Comment December 2022 (Public Records Request)

As my wife stated in her emailed board comment last month, December 19th is our 35th wedding anniversary and I would not be attending the December library board meeting. I had that as part of my public board comment last month but when Jane stated we could only talk about one item and I had prepared to talk about two, books and free speech, when I finished about the books I asked about continuing on about free speech but was denied by her. I should have at least read what I had at the end of my comment about not being available next month but assuring you I would be back in January.

After the article came out Dec. 6th I wanted to make the December meeting even more, however, I need to show my wife she comes first and she does. She has supported me throughout this whole campaign but she would not support me being at a board meeting during our anniversary that we already had arranged to spend at the coast.

I was asked by the Columbian to be interviewed and had I thought I would be given fair treatment and not taken out of context I would have agreed. After the article came out I thought maybe I should have agreed but also asked to record the interview so as to keep the Columbian honest and prove exactly what my responses were.

I possibly would have had the opportunity to correct the many errors stated in the article as it indicated we have been trying to ban books for a long period and you and I both know the only time we specifically talked about books (other than in passing about the books read at DQSH) was at last month’s meeting. And that was mainly because Jane stated the previous month we could not talk about what we have always been there to talk about (DQSH). Also, last month I don’t recall anyone asking to ban books. I know, I did not... I simply asked that the two books I talked about ‘Lawn Boy’ and ‘Gender Queer’ not be made available to children (that would include teens) and also adequately marked or sectioned off for the adult content that they contained.

The information I did send to the Columbian mainly contained information about Devin Crosland AKA ‘Clare Apparently’. Of course, any negative factual information about your drag queen performers had to be ignored. It didn’t fit the narrative... so much for accurate journalism and presenting the other side of the story. Albeit... the seedy side.

Yes, the Columbian is what we all know it to be, a liberal rag of a paper. No wonder only 2 of the 8 households on my street subscribe and I live in the city of Vancouver. Subscriptions outside the city are probably half of that, maybe. I have gotten 6 emails concerning the article since they had links online to my website. It went 50-50, some thanking me and some chiding me. I answered every one of them but never heard back from the one’s chiding me. They apparently could not refute my response. I was expecting an ongoing dialogue, but no.

It’s sobering when you respond to fears with facts. ..

Fact, drag queens come from a highly sexualized culture and Clare Apparently was not an exception.

Fact, only 3% of sex offenders are ever get tried and convicted.

Fact, drag queen story hour performers have been found to be convicted sex offenders (again even though only 3% of sex offenders are ever convicted).

Fact, 40% (4 out of 10) children/adolescents that seriously question their gender attempt suicide. (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Fact, Sweden (a gender affirming country for over 50 years) had the same rate of suicide in gender confused patients as that of the United States at that time. (Cohort Study Sweden 2010-2014)

Fact, a fully dressed drag queen reading gender confusing children stories to children WILL cause a child to more likely question theirs and others gender.

Fact, at least 8 in 10 people I talk to about DQSH have signed the pledge to vote No. (You will have to take my word on that one but it is a fact)

Hope... that you will continue not having DQSH.

Hope and prayer... the Columbian article will not result in Antifa coming over from Portland to threaten law abiding citizens. That will be on you as a result of this pointed one sided article. I hope you have security. I have asked our supporters to respond as lovingly as possible if provoked and to not respond in kind. (I also know of multiple churches praying for this meeting).

I also hope we all have a Merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Gary